amberlina <3 (stardancer488) wrote in fetch_ratings,
amberlina <3

Welcome to Fetch_ratings! In this LJ rating community, we will rate your LJ and give you constructive feedback. We are not here to be the evil people... *cough* but here to help you make your layout even better then what it is. *Nods* If your going to just argue with us and say that your layout is the best and that you don't want the advice, I suggest that you leave, and do not try and join, because you will be wasting are time. We will put time and effort into each rating, and rather your accepted or rejected, you need to accept the fact. And if we give you advice we hope you take it, and after 24 hours you can reapply with corrections etc. Also if you are posting here with a default LJ, or something on S2, please don't post. We want to see your beautiful work you did with overrides!

All graphics were done by Kawai, coded by me. Disobey us and you will be sorry. MAKE SURE TO READ ALL THE RULES in the user info. If you do not... and make a fool out of yourself, when we laugh at you... you can't say we didn't warn you. Well thats about it... post away my lovelies! ♥
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