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Name: Melissa
Account (free or paid): Free
How long have you been on LJ? : Hmm, a little less than a year I believe.

I do believe that was the shortest application I have ever come into contact with. :D haha And yes, this layout was completley and 100% done by me. Go ahead, tear me apart
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Aren't you so happy? No long apps. XD Your layout is awesome! <3 Yes from meh. =)
whoo! :D thanks
We won't tear you apart like other LJ layouts, I believe in giving good advice but not being like "lyk omg!!11one!! you sux!" *shakes head* We will try and point out flaws... :)


You obviously know some overrides due to your sidebars and such. The font is however bothering me. It's somewhat hard to read but it's pretty good, just not the best choice, in my opinion.

It looks a tad funky with how the head is set up, mind you it looks good, I like the layout but maybe if you took out the back underneath the grass and faded the grass into the background green that your using. Maybe that looks worse, I am not sure.

It's not compatiable in Firefox. Which is always a bonus, I get the sidebars and header images, but no entries and everything is placed kind of funky o_O

Overall I like it though,so i'll say Yes.

Oh yeah bonus points for your cursor! :D
two more things, I like the date... very good. But the dividers >_< I think you should have made the background the green color instead of the black, it would blend in more then just being a black rectangle. :)
haha yeah...the font works with the header words, but i found that when i was making my little sidebar titles, it looked a bit jumbled and well fat? lol

and i have had a few complaints that its not compatiable in 800x600 but i had no clue about FireFox. :D i feel stupid for saying this but i've never heard of it before now. hehe sorry bout that, i've just always used internet explorer.

and thank you for the cursor compliment! hehe it took me forever to find a cute one that looked decent.

Oh how nice it is to get constructive critisism :D None of my friends really know much about overrides so i just get either "it sucks" or "omg! it looks cool!" ahah thank you!

Haha sorry about the dividers though. i wanted the lighting effect and it only looked right, to me, if i used a black background on them :D i'll mess around with that though.
it's all good. Sorry for my spelling issues. >_<

Yeah in firefox the sidebars are there... and so is the header just everything is kind of mixed up and such. I recommend looking at your z-index, and tell me what the number is, that might be the issue, also make sur to have a } after your scrollbar colors, but most likely its the Z-index thing.
haha dont worry about it, my old english teacher told me the other day that i "couldnt spell my way out of a paper bag" haha :D

and this is a stupid question but where would one find this "z-thing"? hah sorry....
The font is hard to read. I do like your layout though. Everything minus that is great. It's set up nicely and it looks like you spent a good amount of time on it.

Great Job <3

so am i in?
sorry I didn't reply sooner >_< but yesh. I need to get those accepted and rejected banners up >_<


Welcome to fetch-ratings <3
meh, sorry this is tardancer488 *pokes LJ*