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So f e t c h

We rate your layout, not you.

_____so fetch layouts <3
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Welcome to a livejournal layout rating community. Created by stardancer488 and co-maintained by me , xoxo76 , this is a rating community rated on your layouts, but we also help out with layouts and give constructive critism. And, we will not be like "OMFG UR LAYOUT IZ LYK SO FUGLY!!!1"
Also, this community
DOES NOT MAKE LAYOUTS FOR PEOPLE! I REPEAT, WE RATE LAYOUTS, WE DO NOT MAKE THEM FOR PEOPLE. And please, do NOT badger our members and ask them to make you layout.

Here is the application.

Account (free or paid):
How long have you been on LJ? :
What resolution is your layout best viewed in? :

1. Please do not curse in any way whatsoever. I don't know why you need to, but don't do it.
2. Please be kind when you give critism, do not just say nice layout. If there is something you don't like all that much, point it out nicley, and give them some pointers for the next time.
3. Don't join this community and ask for a layout . . we rate layouts, we do not make them for people. If you do this . . you will be banned.
4. THE LAYOUT MUST BE MADE BY YOU AND ONLY YOU. NO ONE ELSE. It will not be accepted if someone else made it.

If you would like to become an affilate with fetch_ratings , please contact one of the maintainers, and we'll put you on the list. :)